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Lovastatin is a member of the drug class of statins, used for lowering cholesterol (hypolipidemic agent) in those with hypercholesterolemia and so preventing cardiovascular disease. Lovastatin is a naturally occurring drug found in food such as oyster mushrooms and red yeast rice.

Lentinan - a compound isolated from shiitake, is used as an intravenous anticancer agent in some countries. Studies have demonstrated lentinan contains antitumor properties. Take care as some folks have an allergic reaction to Lentinan, this can be prevented by cooking your shiitake well at high heat.

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About Funguys

Funguys is producing quality mushroom cultures and mushroom seed spawn. We keep cultures of both edible and medicinal mushroom species, for the fungi-enthusiast out there. All mushroom cultures sold are the property of Funguys Gourmet cc. and was developed on Abundance Farm, Rheenendal, South Africa. We keep stock of various growing mediums, mushroom culturing tools and supplies as well as a library of mushroom cultures. Learn more about growing your own mushrooms at home.

For Outdoor mushroom Log cultivation, we have a variety of mushroom Plug Spawn to choose from.

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mycofiltration biological water filter

Mushroom mycelium is the invisible body of what we call mushrooms, and is usually not apparent to the untrained eye. The most common type of mycelium is what we see as mold growing on an aged orange in your kitchen. The mushrooms we find on the lawn or in a Pine Forest are the fruit of an invisible network of mycelium ...

Think Green

think green grow mushrooms

I was given this tray of Sundews by a dear friend, they were placed in my mushroom grow space as close to the light source as possible. Little did I realize how much these plants enjoy catching their prey. Soon hundreds of fungus gnats was stuck to the sundew's leaves and gone from my fruiting ...

Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Some species of fungi are rarely seen and some are never seen by us with the naked eye. Mycorrhizal fungi lives in symbiosis with the roots of their host plants. You can imagine fine hairy growth extending from the roof of the plant, extending the spread by which the plant can absorb nutrients through the ...

Grow Mushrooms

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There is a lot to say about cultivating a crop of your own mushrooms. "Firstly it’s NOT like growing beans, but surely much more rewarding." The first time I saw the pinning mushrooms developing into fruit, is one of my fondest memories. For those out there that might want to take this up as a hobby, I have compiled ...

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