FAN TD 800

The TD-800/200 EX is a low profile in-line mixed flow duct fan
manufactured in antistatic plastic material. It is fitted with a singlephase
explosion proof motor 230V-50 Hz
Shipping Weight: 5.00 KG

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Production Time: 1-4w.gif


The Mixvent Series is a very compact design of mixed-flow fans that is part of a very flexible system designed specifically for use in homes, hotels and apartments etc., as well as for hot and cold air transfer from one room to another.


The casings of the 800/200 are of reinforced injection moulded plastic. All units are provided with an integral mounting foot. Impellers are of injection moulded plastic/steel and of mixed-flow design.


Type - 2-speed. Models 160-350 are shaded pole; 500 and above are squirrel cage induction motor. Electricity supply - 220-240V, single-phase, 50Hz. Bearings - sleeve up to size 350/125 and ball for all other models. Speed-controllable using VA type speed controller in high speed only.

Internal Thermal Protection

By fuse to size 350/125 and auto-reset for the remainder.


Air flow to BS848:Part 1, 1980 Noise to BS848:Part 2, 1985

Special Features

The fans can be removed without disturbing the connecting ductwork via specially designed support brackets and a 2-speed switch can be supplied that suits all models. In addition to being used as single-stage fans the Mixvent range can be arranged in parallel, in series or in both parallel and series. Such flexibility enables higher air flow and pressure demands to be met. Refer to AMS representative for details.

Air Movement

Up to 1100 m³/h


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