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Soya Wax

200 Grams of Soya Wax | Used to close...

Sales price: R80,00

Calcium hydroxide

1kg BAG Calcium hydroxide | Hydrated...

Sales price: R48,00

PDA Agar Plates

PDA (Potatoe Dextrose Agar) Agar Plates.

Sales price: R365,00

Plastic Tubing 400mm Flat

Plastic Tubing - For Oyster Mushroom...

Sales price: R7,50

Petri Dishes - 90mm

Sterile Petri Dishes - 90mm Plastic X 10

Sales price: R30,00

Gypsum - CASO4

Gypsum - 1kg CASO4

Sales price: R48,00

Calcium carbonate - CAC03

1KG Bag of Calcium carbonate - CaCo3

Sales price: R48,00

Erlenmeyer Flask | 500ml Glass

500ml Glass Erlenmeyer Flask

Sales price: R150,00

Scalpel no. 3

Scalpel no. 3 - Stainless steel...

Sales price: R195,00

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