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Mycoroot SuperGro

25kg - Commercials applications, use for transplanting fruit trees, vines, or applied to established trees. Recommended for use in seedling nurseries and for transplanting. Apply in field to row crops at planting.
Shipping Weight: 25.00 KG

PRICE: R1280,00
Production Time: 14d.gif

25kg bags: Sales discount offered on large orders more that 20 bags.

Product nameApplication and ratePackaging sizes
MycorootTM SuperGro Trees and Shrubs 25kg
Transplanting trees or shrubs Apply 10g-20g MycorootTM SuperGro to the bottom of the planting hole. Apply more product for large plants. Water after planting.  
Wholesale nursery application for production on seedlings and cuttings  Calculate 0.5-1g of MycorootTM SuperGro per cutting or seed. Mix well into growing medium or soil. Water gently after covering. 25 Kg MycorootTM SuperGro Plus can be mixed into 1 cubic meter of soil or equivalent substrate (Recommended that Mycoroot make up a minimum of 2.5% of the growing medium).  
Transplanting seedlings into field
(vegetable, essential oil and medicinal seedlings)
5g of MycorootTM SuperGro per seedling placed at the bottom of the planting hole.  
Field crops Apply 50Kg MycorootTM SuperGro per ha. Quantity is depandant on planting density and crop species. Contact Mycoroot (Pty) Ltd for application rates.  
Pastures Apply 50Kg MycorootTM SuperGro per ha when seeding established pastures. On planting new pastures apply 1 Kg for every 1 Kg seed.  

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