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Mycoroot Super

Mycoroot Supreme - 200ml X 15

200ml X 15 - Use in home gardens when transplanting plants, seedlings and container plants.
Shipping Weight: 5.00 KG

PRICE: R525,00
Production Time: 7d.gif
Product nameApplication and ratePackaging sizes
Mycoroot Supreme Home Garden (measured volumetrically)
Flower beds Calculate 5 ml of MycorootTM Supreme per seedling. Incorporate into the soil before planting. The MycorootTM Supreme product is not affected if beds are allowed to stand for a while before planting. Water flower beds after planting.  
Transplanting seedlings 5ml of MycorootTM Supreme per seedling placed at the bottom of the planting hole. Water seedlings after planting.  
Growing from seed Calculate 1ml of MycorootTM Supreme per seed. Mix well into growing medium or soil. Water gently after covering the seed.  

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