Love Mushroom Grain Spawn

Love Mushroom (Pleurotus salmoneo stramineus) - 3.5kg Seed Spawn
Shipping Weight: 3.80 KG

PRICE: R250,00
Production Time: 1-4w.gif

Scientific name: Pleurotus salmoneo stramineus

Common Names: Pink Oyster Mushroom, Salmon Oyster Mushroom, Strawberry Oyster, Takiiro Hiratake, Love mushroom

Natural habitat: Preferring tropical and subtropical hardwoods, including bamboo and rubber trees.

Appropriate substrate: Straw, paper, coffee pulp, cornstalks, sugarcane bagasse, hardwood (cottonwoods, oaks, alders, maples, aspens, ash, beech, birch, elm, willows, poplars)

Usage: Edible mushroom, vital mushroom

The mycelium of this pleurotus species is very robust and therefore very popular in commercial cultivation. Fruiting bodies become 5 to 15 cm in diameter. The cap is bright pink when young and loses colour as it matures.


Kingdom: Fungi

Division: Basidiomycota

Class: Agaricomycetes

Order: Agaricales

Family: Pleurotaceae

Genus: Pleurotus

Spawn Run

Incubation Temp: 24 - 30˚C

Duration: 7 – 10 days

Primordia Formation:

Initiation Temp: 18 - 25 ˚C

Relative Humidity: 95 – 100%

Duration: 2 – 4 Days

Fresh Air Exchange: 5 – 8 per hour

Light Requirement: 750 – 1500 lux

Fruitbody Development:

Temp: 20 - 30 ˚C

Relative Humidity: 85 – 90%

Duration: 3 – 5 Days

Fresh Air Exchange: 5 – 8 per hour

Cropping Cycle:

Two Crops, 7 -10 days apart

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