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Cold Water – Sterilize with Calcium Hydroxide

pinning oyster mushrooms

I recently had quite a large order to fill, growing oyster mushrooms. The time I was given to complete the project was slim and I decided to use straw as a substrate instead of wood shavings. I found myself in a pickle, since I have not used hot water pasteurization for a while and the […]

Culturing Wild Mushrooms

During the autumn of 2014, I harvested and cloned a mushroom on my Farm that in my opinion looked much like the Pleurotus ostreatus strain (Oyster Mushroom). Looking at the culture running on PDA (potatoe dextrose agar) in a petri dish showed all the same characteristics as the other Pleurotus cultures I work with. Some […]

Mushroom Farming in South Africa

Shiitake culture Lentinula edodes

Over the last 11 years that I have been involved in mushroom production, I have seen a steady growth in mushroom cultivation in South Africa. South Africans are finding more and more interest in Exotic Mushrooms as well as medicinal mushrooms. There is a lot of potential yet for mushroom farming locally since we have […]

Cultivate Oyster Mushrooms | Hot water Pasteurization

mushrooms warm water pasteurization

There is a lot to say about cultivating a crop of your own mushrooms. “Firstly it’s NOT like growing beans, but surely much more rewarding.” The first time I saw the pinning mushrooms developing into fruit, is one of my fondest memories. For those out there that might want to take this up as a […]