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What is Mushroom Substrate?

What is mushroom substrate?

Mushroom substrate is the bulk material used by the mushroom mycelium as the target food source. Common substrates used in mushroom cultivation includes cereal straw or hay, baled grasses (eg. Teff grass), wood shavings and sawdust and sugarcane bagasse. Other sources may include paper, used coffee grounds and coffee waste, various farming byproducts including corn […]

Sterilise seed or a wooded substrate

sterilise mushroom substrate

What you will need: a Stove top a Pressure cooker or autoclave glass containers (Console jars) or breathable filtered bags a suitable wooded substrate (for growing mushrooms) or seed (for producing spawn) water The process: Once your wooded substrate or seed has been hydrated to the required level, fill your glass containers or breathable filtered […]

Grow mushroom cultures from spore

mycelium running

If you purchased a spore print or a culture syringe to start your mushroom cultivation, your next step would be to prepare AGAR media and pour that into Petri dishes.. Agar is a seaweed extract, a gelatinous substance that will solidify at room temperature. It can be sterilized by pressure and is the ideal food […]

Pestalotiopsis microspora

pestalotiopsis microspora

Ever had a flash of mind as to the amounts of polyurethane in our dumpsites, sitting there for hundreds of years before eventualy turning back to dust? Well recently a group of Yale students discovered a mushroom species originating in¬†Ecuador, that may prove to assist us in disposing of our waste. The mycelium of these […]

Outdoor Mushroom Log Cultivation | Shiitake

With minimum effort, mushrooms can be successfully cultivated on logs outdoors. You will need: A High Speed Drill & 9mm Drill bit some beeswax, cheese wax or soya wax a Small gas burner and a pot to melt the wax a paint brush to apply the wax inoculated wooden plugs (Plug Spawn) a wooden mallet […]

Cold Water – Sterilize with Calcium Hydroxide

pinning oyster mushrooms

I recently had quite a large order to fill, growing oyster mushrooms. The time I was given to complete the project was slim and I decided to use straw as a substrate instead of wood shavings. I found myself in a pickle, since I have not used hot water pasteurization for a while and the […]

Substrate formula for mushroom Cultivation

mushroom substrate formula

This formula will apply to creating a substrate for cultivating Saprophytic mushrooms. Dry mix together your ingredients first to get an even spread of all the added nutrients and moisture. 10 kg Wood shavings/chips 1 kg Bran 100 gr Gypsum Supplement with (Optional): 100 – 500 gr *Lucerne Powder or Cotton seed waste (for Oyster […]