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Agricultural Waste Supplements for Shiitake Mushroom Cultivation: A Review of the Last 20 Years

Looking back on the available data from the last 20 years, there are several types [...]

Using Seed Waste Products as Substrates for Lion’s Mane Mushroom Production

Using seed waste products as a supplement with hardwood shavings for the production of exotic [...]

A recipe for preparing PDA from scratch

Potato Dextrose Agar (PDA) is a commonly used medium for growing fungi and bacteria. Here [...]

How to prepare PDA media dishes – step by step

Step 1: Materials Collection Gather the following materials: PDA (Potato Dextrose Agar) media powder Sterilized [...]

What is Mushroom Substrate?

Mushroom substrate is the bulk material used by the mushroom mycelium as the target food [...]

Sterilise seed or a wooded substrate

What you will need: A stove top A pressure cooker or autoclave Glass containers (Console [...]

Substrate formula for mushroom cultivation

This formula will apply to creating a substrate for cultivating Saprophytic mushrooms. Dry mix your [...]

Preparing Agar (PDA)

Preparing your Agar For every 1 Litre of Agar Final Mixed Solution you will need [...]