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biofilter mycofiltration

Considering Mycofiltration as an option to filter out pathogens from a water stream. Mushroom mycelium is the invisible body of what we call mushrooms, and is usually not apparent to the untrained eye. The most common type of mycelium is what we see as mold growing on an aged orange in your kitchen. The mushrooms […]

Practical Applications of Mycorrhizal Fungi


Some species of fungi are rarely seen and some are never seen by us with the naked eye. Mycorrhizal fungi lives in symbiosis with the roots of their host plants. You can imagine fine hairy growth extending from the roof of the plant, extending the spread by which the plant can absorb nutrients through the […]

Myco Restoration / eco-machines

There will be a follow up mycorestoration/eco-machines¬†workshop led by Dr John Todd at SPIER wine estate in October this year. The workshop will include the theory and practice of restorer eco-machines in various settings, as well as design principles and concrete steps to design/engineering. Examples of Eco-Machines working to treat wastes and restore waters will […]