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Outdoor Mushroom Log Cultivation | Shiitake

With minimum effort, mushrooms can be successfully cultivated on logs outdoors. You will need: A High Speed Drill & 9mm Drill bit some beeswax, cheese wax or soya wax a Small gas burner and a pot to melt the wax a paint brush to apply the wax inoculated wooden plugs (Plug Spawn) a wooden mallet […]

Substrate formula for mushroom Cultivation

mushroom substrate formula

This formula will apply to creating a substrate for cultivating Saprophytic mushrooms. Dry mix together your ingredients first to get an even spread of all the added nutrients and moisture. 10 kg Wood shavings/chips 1 kg Bran 100 gr Gypsum Supplement with (Optional): 100 – 500 gr *Lucerne Powder or Cotton seed waste (for Oyster […]

Shiitake Nutrition

Shiitake grain spawn

For information on the nutritional value of Shiitake mushrooms, please view the images below. Shiitake also have the following nutrients: Niacin: 55mg/100g Thiamin: 7.8mg/100g Riboflavin: 5mg/100g Lentinan, a water-soluble polysaccharide, extracted from the mushrooms, is an approved anti-cancer drug in Japan. There has been hundreds of papers published over the last twenty years about the […]

Cultivate Shiitake Mushrooms

cultivating shiitake mushrooms

A) Shiitake from Spore If you purchased a spore print or a culture syringe to start your shiitake (also known as Golden Oak Mushroom) cultivation, your next step would be to learn how to prepare AGAR media. Agar is a seaweed extract, a gelatinous substance that will solidify at room temperature. Sterilized by pressure cooking […]

Funguys Questions and Answers

King Oyster Mushroom

Q1:)  I have done some more reading and have a good idea for how to sterilize/pasteurize the substrate. We have loads of wood shavings as I have a small stable yard and use it as bedding. I can also get barley hay from my one supplier which has been chaffed (will this be ok?) We […]

Mushroom Farming in South Africa

Shiitake culture Lentinula edodes

Over the last 11 years that I have been involved in mushroom production, I have seen a steady growth in mushroom cultivation in South Africa. South Africans are finding more and more interest in Exotic Mushrooms as well as medicinal mushrooms. There is a lot of potential yet for mushroom farming locally since we have […]

Cultivate Oyster Mushrooms | Hot water Pasteurization

mushrooms warm water pasteurization

There is a lot to say about cultivating a crop of your own mushrooms. “Firstly it’s NOT like growing beans, but surely much more rewarding.” The first time I saw the pinning mushrooms developing into fruit, is one of my fondest memories. For those out there that might want to take this up as a […]