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What is Mushroom Substrate?

What is mushroom substrate?

Mushroom substrate is the bulk material used by the mushroom mycelium as the target food source. Common substrates used in mushroom cultivation includes cereal straw or hay, baled grasses (eg. Teff grass), wood shavings and sawdust and sugarcane bagasse. Other sources may include paper, used coffee grounds and coffee waste, various farming byproducts including corn […]

Sterilise seed or a wooded substrate

sterilise mushroom substrate

What you will need: a Stove top a Pressure cooker or autoclave glass containers (Console jars) or breathable filtered bags a suitable wooded substrate (for growing mushrooms) or seed (for producing spawn) water The process: Once your wooded substrate or seed has been hydrated to the required level, fill your glass containers or breathable filtered […]

Cold Water – Sterilize with Calcium Hydroxide

pinning oyster mushrooms

I recently had quite a large order to fill, growing oyster mushrooms. The time I was given to complete the project was slim and I decided to use straw as a substrate instead of wood shavings. I found myself in a pickle, since I have not used hot water pasteurization for a while and the […]

Substrate formula for mushroom Cultivation

mushroom substrate formula

This formula will apply to creating a substrate for cultivating Saprophytic mushrooms. Dry mix together your ingredients first to get an even spread of all the added nutrients and moisture. 10 kg Wood shavings/chips 1 kg Bran 100 gr Gypsum Supplement with (Optional): 100 – 500 gr *Lucerne Powder or Cotton seed waste (for Oyster […]

Preparing Agar (PDA)

PDA Culture Media Dishes

Preparing your Agar For every 1 Litre of Agar Final Mixed Solution you will need the following. 20 grams Bacteriological Agar 200g Potato infusion 4 g of Malt Extract or Yeast Extract (optional) 20 g Dextrose 1 Litre of Distilled Water Autoclave or Pressure Vessel Method: Place your cleaned Erlenmeyer flask on a kitchen scale […]

Cultivate Shiitake Mushrooms

cultivating shiitake mushrooms

A) Shiitake from Spore If you purchased a spore print or a culture syringe to start your shiitake (also known as Golden Oak Mushroom) cultivation, your next step would be to learn how to prepare AGAR media. Agar is a seaweed extract, a gelatinous substance that will solidify at room temperature. Sterilized by pressure cooking […]

Build a steaming vessel for mushrooms cultivation

mushroom steamer

How to easily build a simple DIY steaming vessel for mushroom substrate sterilization: The first thing to do is find a suitable containing vessel for your mushroom steamer. I used a 5000L tank, that was used previously for storing fuel. This vessel was cut in half and cleaned out. At our local blacksmith, I had […]

Culturing Wild Mushrooms

During the autumn of 2014, I harvested and cloned a mushroom on my Farm that in my opinion looked much like the Pleurotus ostreatus strain (Oyster Mushroom). Looking at the culture running on PDA (potatoe dextrose agar) in a petri dish showed all the same characteristics as the other Pleurotus cultures I work with. Some […]