Grow mushrooms the easy way

Easy 1 2 3 instructions to grow oyster mushrooms

Use an electrical wood chipper (or similar instrument) to chip the straw bales into small pieces
In a large tub (56L), mix together 150 g of Calcium Hydroxide and 50g of Gypsum (wear a mask)
Fill the tub 3/4 of the way with clean rain water, stirring well to create a milky white liquid
Stuff as much straw as possible into the tub, making sure it is fully submerged in the milky water.
Close the lid and allow the submerged substrate to stand for 16 hours
After 16 hours, turn the tub on its side to drain the water, leave to drain for 2-3 hours
It is important to maintain a clean and sterile environment when working with mushroom substrates
Take a shower and wear
freshly laundered
Disinfect the surfaces and sterilize the air twice with a misting bottle of 10% bleach/water solution
Inoculate using fresh, high-quality spawn
Pack prepared substrate into tubing or buckets – use the sandwich spawn method by layering straw and spawn seeds
Tie closed the top and bottom of tubing using cable ties
or string.
Using a sharp sterile tool, puncture the completed bags with 30-40 holes on average.
Incubate bags at a consistent temperature of 21°C for a period of 14 – 21 days
Once fully colonised, place the bags in a grow tent / room with 12 hour light cycle
Mushrooms will pin & develop into mature fruit bodies
Harvest, pack and keep mushrooms refrigerated for optimal shelf life
Enjoy cooking your own fresh oyster mushrooms

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