Lion’s Mane Nutrition

Lions Mane culture

The PomPom mushroom, Lion’s Mane or Hericeum erinaceus: a very unusual looker, with furry tentacles, white in color and delicious.

Nutritional Content:

Protein: 31g / 100g

Fat: 4g / 100g

Ash: 9.8g / 100g

Sodium: 1.2mg / 100g

Phosphorus: 1.22g / 100g

Iron: 20.3mg / 100g

Calcium: 1.2mg / 100g

Potassium: 4.46mg / 100g

Magnesium: 123mg / 100g

Thiamin: 5.33mg / 100g

Riboflavin: 3.91mg / 100g

Calciferol 240 IU / 100g

Niacin: 18.3mg / 100g

Ergosterol: 381mg / 100g

Medicinal Properties:

Reportedly (Chen 1992), Herinaceus, in tablet form, was effective on “ulcers, inflammations, and tumours of the alimentary canal.” Recently a patent was awarded in Japan (#05391544), that showed that this mushroom contains Eninacines or erinacines, which are strong stimulators to nerve growth synthesis (Kawagishi et al. 1991, 1994). The compounds erinacines stimulate nerves to regrow, potentially significant in the treatment of nerve diseases eg. senility, Alzheimer’s disease, repairing neurological trauma from strokes, improving muscle/motor response pathways, and cognitive function. (Paul Stamets – Growing Gourmet and medicinal Mushrooms.)

How to Prepare your fresh Mushrooms:

My wife and I really enjoy these mushrooms. We cut the mushrooms in slices, resembling a furry burger patty. I then fry my slices of mushroom in olive oil, until the sides become slightly golden and crisp. Remove them from the heat and squeeze a bit of lemon juice over the mushroom. Enjoy.

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