Myco Restoration / eco-machines

There will be a follow up mycorestoration/eco-machines workshop led by Dr John Todd at SPIER wine estate in October this year.

The workshop will include the theory and practice of restorer eco-machines in various settings, as well as design principles and concrete steps to design/engineering. Examples of Eco-Machines working to treat wastes and restore waters will be presented at the workshop. Their adoption and application potential in South Africa will be explored. A practical case study of application to a dam at Spier will be covered.

Day 1: the theory and practice of restorer eco-machines and discussion of their cost effectiveness and range of uses.
Day 2: the design process for Spier’s picnic dam restorer and other issues raised by the participants.

TIMES: 8.30am for 9am-5pm Saturday, 9am-3pm Sunday
COST: R3,000 pp including tuition, lunches and tea/coffee. Discounts available for NGOs/educators/students (application for discounts by email).

Spaces are limited. TO BOOK CONTACT Jane at by 20 September 2013

Who should attend this workshop?
• Anyone interested in: restorative design, ecological engineering, biomimicry, water treatment, the genius of nature
• Engineers, water treatment specialists, ecologists, architects, urban planners, designers, wastewater specialists, businesses, government, students, general public, etc.

The workshop will be run by Dr John Todd and facilitated by Claire Janisch. Dr John Todd is a biologist and biomimicry expert working in the general field of ecological design. His principal professional interests have included solving problems of food production and waste-water processing. John Todd co-founded the New Alchemy Institute to do both fundamental research into aspects of biology and disciplines as well as to apply biological science to technology. This work has resulted in innovative new approaches to processing sewage and industrial waste water. Dr Todd is currently writing a book entitled A Designer’s Guide to Thinking Ecologically. He is also very active in a number of projects, including the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons from the Blackstone River Corridor in Grafton, MA, creating a dynamic model and analysis of the ecomachine at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, working with John Todd Ecological Design to develop an eco-machine for creating ultra clean sea water for the culture and the holding of marine organisms in Gloucester.


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